Restoring the Original Hatteras: 2014

The mahogany bulkhead at the rear of the saloon (with big sliding doors) had to be torn out, along with most of the rest of the saloon’s fitments. “We couldn’t get the right mahogany so we switched to teak,” says Breitenstein. “We went with Brazilian cherry for the flooring.”

Windows were problematic. Badly corroded aluminum frames were impossible to replace—nobody manufactured them anymore. So Breitenstein installed new windows via the flush-fit method Hatteras uses today. Sikaflex provided the adhesive, and teak trim was added on the inside. “Not quite original,” comments Breitenstein, “but it’s hard to tell the difference.”

An Alexseal paint job was the final step. “We finished ’er last fall,” says Breitenstein, “About nine months after we started. We had a big event here at the plant to celebrate and everybody who’d worked on the boat signed the back of the access hatch at the lower helm.” The price tag? Breitenstein demurs on giving exact figures. “Let’s just say,” he laughs knowingly, “it was gloriously high!”

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