2020 Absolute Navetta 68

Location, location, location. It’s an old saw that has been embraced by realtors and the HGTV set alike, but it can just as easily be muttered by boatbuilders jockeying for venue space at a major show. Perhaps the fiercest competition for real estate is during the Ft. Lauderdale show.

Tucked into the south corner was Italian giant Absolute. With brokerage boats beside it, my initial thought was that it wasn’t the best spot. Not many people were going to stumble upon their display. Then I found the newcomer to the builder’s Navetta line, the 68. Sandwiched in a lineup that includes the 48, 52, 58 and 73, the boat enjoyed an end spot overlooking the water.

On day five of the hectic, sultry show, my colleagues and I were at a familiar point: so deep in the weeds with new boat features that you begin to forget the point of it all. It’s not, in fact, a design competition—the boats on display are a means to a watery, leisure-filled end. The 68’s location reminded me of that.

What I like best about the Navetta line is that it offers the luxury appointments that are expected of today’s motor­yachts while retaining safety features that any ocean-going ship should have. Case in point was the cockpit. Yes, it had a large table for dining and a sunshade aft for privacy, but it also had a dedicated, recessed space for a full-size, bright-orange life ring. And right behind the ring, also easily accessible, is a fire extinguisher. It’s nice to see that safety hasn’t gone out of style with Absolute.

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